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Lebanon Beirut, Lebanon
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The 30 Day SDG Challenge shares daily insights about sustainability in general and education & lifelong learning in particular. The aim is to start an inspiring local and global dialogue where we can learn about the SDGs  and adopt a culture of lifelong learning. People from all over the world can and are encouraged to participate in co-creating this lifelong learning space to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the adoption of the SDGs!  Find the conversation on all social media platforms using #PersEdSDG and #Act4SDGs.    Follow the daily SDG insights on: Facebook: You can also find them on your other (favorite) social media platforms: LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter:   UPDATE On the 25th of septembre 2018, PERSED's 30 Day SDG Challenge gathered more than: 5 K views on Facebook 7 K views on LinkedIn and 21.8 K views on Twitter Small actions CAN and WILL lead to bigger change.
4 Quality Education 8 Decent work and economic growth


PERSED is an initiative for personal education. Persed re-imagines education as an empowering multifaceted life-long learning experience, matching the needs of the 21st century with those of personal development. It seeks to empower young minds to be who they are and all they can be by helping them tap into their potential and develop skills that equip them for success in an ever changing economy.

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4 Quality Education 8 Decent work and economic growth