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Long Advocacy Campaign on UDHR 70th - Targeting SDG 10, 16 & 17 goals.

Somalia Mogadishu, Somalia
Number of people taking this action: 50-250
Commemorating the 70th anniversary of the UDHR in Somalia This event is part of long year advocacy campaign to commemorate the 70th Years of adoption Human Rights charter on 10th of December 
4 Quality Education 10 Reduced Inequalities 16 Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions
Organising Partners
Federal Government and Federal Members states and other relevant key stake-holders.

About Public Private Pact - PPP-SDG

Public private Pact - PPP is a new innovative model of public private partnership. It was born out of a realization that there existed a demonstrated need for a national level institution in the country that would promote social inclusion agenda and engage concerned stakeholders. It is a multi-stakeholders solidarity platform, a new social innovative initiative for engaging affected communities in multifaceted post conflict transition of Somalia. PPP is national issue based platform, a multi-stakeholders & solution-oriented platform, a new social innovative initiative to catalyze, collaborative partnership for SDG Agenda 2030. PPP provides a voice for vulnerable groups including disabled people, gender and the marginalized communities of Somalia. It is aiming to address complex and ‘wicked’ problem in Somalia to support SDG implementation. PPP platform is based on mutual accountability between governments, civil society, community, donors, UN agencies, international NGO’s and development partners.