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France Île-de-France, France
Number of people taking this action: 1-20
People who want to be part of our network can register on this link and we will meet all of them in person so that they can take action and support our projects. https://www.ref-asso.org/voluteer/
4 Quality Education 5 Gender Equality 8 Decent work and economic growth

About Réseau des Exilés en France

In 2016, more than one million people (Exiles) have traveled to Europe to escape conflicts in their countries and seek protection. 80,000 people sought asylum in France.They arrive in big cities like Paris without knowing anyone, have neither family nor friends, and most of them find themselves in the streets (Stalingrad, Porte de la Chapelle, Calais).

We are a group of like-minded people who are also refugees. We came from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds,

but have come together in unity and with one aim which is to help each other adapt to our new lives in France as we integrate into the society but also welcome and help those who just arrived.

As a refugee association, we work every day to find a place in society and contribute to the society with diversity and different skill sets but also our platform informs and helps our fellow asylum seekers and refugees with information about asylum procedures, French courses and legal services. We also organize sporting events as well as social events designed to help fellow refugees integrate themselves into the society.

Are you an asylum seeker who just arrived and need help with your asylum or language? This is your network, join us!

Are you a refugee and having a hard time of integrating and want to meet local people, get help and give help? This is your network, Join us!

Are you a local and would you like to practice a new language with a native refugee? or just teach yours to a refugee? This is your network, Join us!

Or are you just a local who is concerned or passionate about immigration? This is your network, Join us!

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