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The world has become less peaceful every year since 2008. We need to promote peace to create the world of tomorrow. Leaders of future -who are in the classroom today, can play vital role to stand for peace.It's time to Hit Refresh. Peace is a positive, achievable and tangible measure of human well being and progress. SDG-16 advocates promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies. SDG 16 is the most ambitious goal and faces unique practical challenges in its implementation. This is a collaborative project. Teachers are expected to connect with their partner from neighbourhood country, lets say India-Pakistan, Israel-Palestine. Or they may connect with the school from war affected country. During 6 weeks students will start building friendly relationships with each other. Invite mentors form the most peaceful countries and ask them why they are peaceful? Share your opinions, discuss why are we fighting? Students will find out similarities and differences in between them, and finally suggest possible solutions to change the situation.  Click to join :  https://education.microsoft.com/CrossBorders
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The Quality Education Foundation is an India based non-profit organization. We believe that education is the most powerful intervention transforming lives & shaping the future. Our mission is to empower every student to create the world of tomorrow. We are committed to develop scientific attitude and temper amongst the students across the globe. Quality Education foundation, since its inception, have played pioneering role in transforming education system in India. It focuses on providing quality education interventions which are replicable & scalable e.g. QR Coded Textbooks, currently being used by 10 million students. We work closely with educationalists, school leaders and policy makers to understand and find holistic solutions for better future.

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