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Promoting sustainable development in science

Germany Hamburg, Germany
Number of people taking this action: 1-20
Our vision is a future with a social, participatory and equitable society that gives young people space for self-realization and sustainability as an integral part of their actions. Because we think sustainability is a topic that affects us in all areas of life. We aim to transfer knowledge from sustainability research into practice as effectively as possible in order to contribute to a more sustainable future. The association would like to promote particularly promising and resource-efficient projects with high potential for the achievement of international sustainability goals and accompany them in their implementation. The perspectives of participating actors, i.a. from civil society, politics, science and non-governmental organizations, and be integrated into social and business practice. Sustainability is not a new concept, especially in science. If you take a closer look, a fascinating world opens up with innovative and diverse solutions for our future. But also a world that deals with theories and on the far too little outside. And in order for that to change, we have set ourselves the task of promoting innovative and sustainable, but above all scientifically based, projects and putting them into practice.   

About S3 - Scientific Solutions for Sustainability e.V.

Bringing education and knowledge to where people need it and where sustainability is born. This is the goal of S³ - Scientific Solutions for Sustainability. The project promotes social engagement of students and young researchers in the field of sustainable development. The idea for this project was born while the founders of S³ did their own research at the university. There, numerous practical ideas have emerged that go beyond the pure scientific work and thus have little chance of implementation with the help of research funds. S³ wants to strengthen such ideas, to be a platform for exchange and to create a professional network that helps to implement even small concrete projects aimed at sustainable development.