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South Africa Pretoria, South Africa
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About South African SDG Hub, University of Pretoria


The South African SDG Hub supports the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by enabling access to relevant, useful and reliable knowledge resources, providing policy advice, promoting dialogue and building capacity.

We build active partnerships with all actors in academia, government, the private sector and civil society interested in sharing their expertise or resources towards implementing the SDGs.

Our users are leaders in government, the private sector and civil society


The South African SDG Hub’s primary goal is to impact positively on South African policy making and policy implementation related to the SDGs. We seek to reach this goal by:

Sharing relevant, useful and reliable knowledge.

Providing policy advice.

Facilitating dialogue between South African actors responsiblefor the implementation of the SDGs.

Building capacity amongst South African leaders in government,the private sector and civil society to implement the SDGs.

Work streams

The South African SDG Hub has four work streams:

1 — Knowledge sharing

Relevant, useful and reliable knowledge is shared by means of an open access platform with SDG-relevant peer-reviewed research, innovations, reports and news

2 — Policy advice

The Hub seeks to impact positively on SDG-relevant policy making by producing policy briefs and by connecting government partners with researchers and/or research centres of excellence.

3 — Dialogue promotion

Regular roundtables are aimed at promoting dialogue between academic disciplines, sectors and line ministries on SDG-relevant themes.

4 — Capacity building

The Hub seeks to contribute to building capacity to implement the SDGs by means of short courses and by supporting dedicated degree programs.

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