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Bangladesh Dhaka, Bangladesh
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A platform where you can show your creative works to others!An organization which is creating awareness about the alternative uses of social media. Anyone who wants to work dedicatedly with us can easily join with us through our facebook page or by linked in. Process : 1. Go to our group > Show The Creativity2. Post your works including :Title,Your name, Institution,Profile link* (wish) 3. After a review we will upload it from our page in a particular category .4. Then we will share it to our group. Rules are given in group's announcement section. To contact with us , please send your message in our page inbox , we are always ready to reply you... ♥ Facebook page link : Facebook group link : Linked in :
3 Good Health & Well-Being 4 Quality Education
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About Show The Creativity (STC)

Show The Creativity (STC) which established in July 29, 2018 with the purpose of creating awareness about the effective uses of Internet & social media and to create an open platform for everyone where anyone can show his/her creative works to all.

To ensure effective use of social media beside education and to become a well being, Show The Creativity (STC) is working for the 3rd and 4th goals of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) which are 'Good health and well being' and 'Quality education'.

Nowadays we spend a huge time on social media. And social media change our mind, our emotion, our feelings, our mentality And even human nature too. Behind the progress of Social media students are being addicted forgetting to be well being and also their humanity. Only by using social media, we can find, many students cannot do a good result and cannot concentrate properly in their study. Maximum Students cannot make sure that they are being qualified by their proper education only because of being addicted to social media and abuse of internet.

So, Show The Creativity (STC) is working on this important side, how we can change the nature of using social media. STC is working for growing awareness on effective use of Social media and Internet in our daily life and its bad effects too. Besides, STC is working on how we can become a well being, we can grow our humanity by getting outside of virtual world.