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Jordan Amman
Number of people taking this action: 50-250
We want to make a training for youth to enhance their knowledge about SDGs and how can they create an advocacy campaings, in addition to give them the knowledge about how they can boost the Arabic content for SDGs online since the Arabic content is very small and to create infographics.At the end of the training we aim to make a tweet-up on twitter where youth can highlight the importance of the SDGs and how we can take action for the Global Goals, also we want to encourage people to take My World 2030 survey and express their voices. We've take photos and videos for people and they share with us the goals that they support and their stories so we want to share them during the campaign. We've created a whatsapp group for the active youth that will help support the campaign and will invite influencers to join us. Also, we want to talk to people anout SDGs and ask them to fill My World 2030  survey.

About UN SDGs Advocates - Jordan

A group of youth who have been selected by UN Jordan to be the voice of the SDGs and to make different campaigns to increase the awareness about the global goals and make a positive change in our community.

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