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Tech Education: A Web/Mobile-Based Tech Evolution of the education system in Pakistan

Pakistan FATA
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This is the era of technology, with rapid changes taking place across the globe. Technology is even changing the structure of the social institutions. One big change in the social institutions has been observed in the Education sector, where the internet has become an essential role-player in pro
4 Quality Education

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Social Entrepreneurial Consultants Pvt Ltd is the private limited company registered with Government of Pakistan under the law (Section 16 of companies Act, 2017 (XIX of 2017)). Social Entrepreneurial Consultants Pvt.Ltd is working on different business plans (Long term and short term) and providing consultancy services to the government, donors, international institutions, individuals, firms, companies, trusts, non-government organizations and associations in the area of strategic planning, Business Management, project management, institutional development, capacity building and other ancillary services.

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