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idea to save our malnourished children

Bangladesh Dinajpur, Bangladesh
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Bangladesh is a country where still thousands of children are suffereing from Severe acute malnutrition(SAM). World Health Organization (WHO) provides therapeutoc milk products F75 and F100 to improve the nutrition status of  malnourished children isadmitted in hospital.but poor people dont want to stay in hospital for long duration as they have to earn their wages.Thats why I have introduced a uniquesystem in my  hospital to feed the F 75 and F100  to the malnourished children.as it has to given at 2 hour interval for 7 days,I give the mother of the children small packets containing F 75, each packet contain the amount required for that specific child of specific weight at an interval of 2 hour. At first I demonstrate the procedure of preparing formula 75 to the mother and instruct her to do the same at home.I also explan her the necessity to come after 3 days to have the next required amounts and follow up. The whole world can join me by following the steps  and inspire me to implement SDG 3 Good health and wellbeing in Bangladesh. 
2 Zero Hunger 3 Good Health & Well-Being 6 Clean Water & Sanitation
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About Kazi Shama Zinat

this is Dr.Kazi Shama Zinat ,a Bangladeshi female citizen of 27 years ,doctor by profession ,working in a rural hospital of Bangladesh known as Biral upazilla health complex, Dinajpur. I am working to improve the condition of children suffering from SEVERE ACUTE MALNUTRITION (SAM) .

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2 Zero Hunger 3 Good Health & Well-Being 6 Clean Water & Sanitation