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Austria Dornbirn, Lauterach, Rankweil
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
MUSICAL SOLVE IT   Time is running ! An  educational and creative  way to  experiencethe  meaning of the UN – Sustainable  Development Goals !! How did  we  come  up to  implement the SDGs in  a  musical? To contribute to the 2030 agenda, the Youth Ambassadors for the UN-Rights of a Child from the Caritas Vorarlberg / Austria have discussed and presented the SDGs goals in cooperation with the dance group ‘groovaloos’ leading to our musical ‘SOLVE IT’. After all – the UN chose the synonym ‘The World’s Largest Lesson’ in reference to some of the unmet MDGs.To our opinion the topic sustainability desperately needs to be conveyed age-appropriate! Youth cannot relate with terms like the protection of resources, sustainable development or regeneration capacity. But how should then sustainability be explained to the youth or children?Actually the ‘Largest Lesson of the World’ should be part in every school schedule. But it is not! The cast of the musical, (25 young people, aged 14-22 from different schools in our county) all made the same experience:Most teachers here  don‘t know the SDGs themselves!We worked 6 month on the realization of this musical production, involving every participant! Leisure time was shortened big times to accomplish our mission!We have reached almost 2'500 people within one week, performing the musical 9 times!To make sure that our performances are sustainable, we handed out teaching materials on the SDGs to the visitors and teachers, in order to keep them going and start acting.   Story Leo is somewhat addicted to his game console.One day he is searching for a new online game and discovers a new released ‘real-life game’, which is being played in a real environment – away from the screen. The aim of the game is to explore your own and your team’s personality as well as competences. His addiction leads him. Apart from the high gaming fee to pay ahead, he simply cannot resist and signs up for this game challenge. In order to apply for the game, he signs up not only himself but also his room-mates on his cellphone without their knowledge.As expected, his two friends Tessa and Lucy are outraged by his decision to buy the game, but Leo manages to tactically explain that the reward for winning the top price was all worth it. Upon arriving at the destination where the game is to take place, the set-up seems beyond their expectations – but there’s no way back.From one second to the other, the three main characters find themselves on a gameboard that is way too demanding in order to achieve the tasks at hand. Tessa, Leo and Lucy have to struggle with beating the clock, fighting their fears and the possible loss of their high gaming fee.It does not occur to them until further on into the game that their actions during the course of the game have a great impact not only on their lives but also of others, and at this point they start to wonder whether this is only a game.An exciting story about our future that could be lost today if we don’t change things. Book  our  Musical  now!In order to perform  SOLVE IT in your town/city please contact us.(NOTE: At the moment SOLVE IT is only available in German!)
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Caritas International Cooperation Vorarlberg Youth Ambassadors for the Rights of a Child & SDGs


Austria Dornbirn
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
*Our musical can be booked in German speaking countries (for adults and young people from age 12) *We offer SDG Workshops and would like to make the SDGs more acquainted Check out our SDG video clips:Jugendbotschafter für UN-Kinderrechte - YouTube  
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Caritas International Cooperation Vorarlberg Youth Ambassadors for the Rights of a Child & SDGs


Ethiopia Dodota Dembel, Äthiopien
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
Mango tree for family (securing families  livelihood)In a village called Dodota Dembel, 20 minutes from Meki (South Ethiopia), we planted, 200 mango trees together with a group of Ethiopian young people (Nico Club members) from Addis Ababa. Some farmers of the village had already dug the holes for the trees and we supported us with tools and water. First we assumed, that we would also have to build fences around the trees because of goats and other farm animals -  but when we arrived, we noticed, that the villagers build their own fences made out of thorns. We divided our big group into small groups to be more productive and effective with the planting. Each farmer and his family received five mango trees and competent farmers known by name received ten trees. We wanted each family to have trees so we had to order more. Unfortunately, these additional 100 mango trees could not be delivered by the time we left. So they were planted by the villagers themselves after our departure. Our project partners have already sent us pictures, showing the new trees with nametags, which we provided for each individual tree. The nametags are a token of our estimation to all our donors, who supported us financially. The next time (July 2019) we would like to continue our mango tree project!Help us to finance MORE Mango Trees to secure families livelihood! Please watch our project film clip on youtube:
1 No Poverty 2 Zero Hunger 3 Good Health & Well-Being 13 Climate Action
Organising Partners
Caritas International Cooperation Vorarlberg Youth Ambassadors for the Rights of a Child & SDGs


Ethiopia Graba Fila, Äthiopien
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
Put the poo  in the loo (financing school toilets)At a school in Graba Fila we financed the construction of four toilets for students. By the time we arrived, the toilets were already built. It was our task to paint the toilets nicely for children. We formed two groups: One group paint the girls toilets and the other group the boys toilets. After designing drafts for the layouts and discussing the implementation of hygiene awareness, we started painting the walls.Each group painted the different germs on the toilet walls and two walls of the school itself.We also built a Tippy-Tap on each side of the toilet cubicles to provide hand washing facilities. Some of the  Youth Ambassadors introduced hand washing workshops to a group of children from Graba Fila. They showed them how to prevent illnesses by washing hands properly with soap or ashes, and in addition to that: How to keep the new school toilets clean!Help us to finance more school toilets! Please watch our project film clip on youtube:
3 Good Health & Well-Being 4 Quality Education 6 Clean Water & Sanitation
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Caritas International Cooperation Vorarlberg Youth Ambassadors fot the Rights of a Child & SDGs


Ethiopia Meki, Äthiopien
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
CatchieS  WorkshopS  (washable sanitary  pads) In Meki, we made workshops with 40 girls from the local school and the girls hostel about the girls period and the changes of the body during puberty. The girls form the Nico Club luckily translated everything in Amharic because the girls did not understand English. After the workshops we showed the girls how to sew “Catchies” by hand. We made the workshops four times and each time there were more girls coming.The girls were very motivated to sew and they were really happy that they had the possibility to learn how to sew the catchies. We also financed four sewing machines and a tailor showed some girls how to sew with the machines. This workshop was a great success and we had a nice time with the girls!Anyone travelling to Ethiopia is asked to bring good quality fabrics (highly absorbent, 100% cotton) to our CATCHY-Girls!Also soap bars and sewing materials are needed al lthe time!Help us finanve sewing machines too! Please watch our project film clip on youtube: Intersted in learning how to teach sewing CATCHIES?Here we go!      
1 No Poverty 3 Good Health & Well-Being 4 Quality Education 5 Gender Equality
Organising Partners
Caritas International Cooperation Vorarlberg Youth Ambassadors for the Rights of a Child & SDGs

About Youth Ambassadors for the UN Rights of a Child and SDGs CARITAS Vorarlberg AUSTRIA


At the moment, we have 26 youth ambassadors aged 14 to 20 years from all over Vorarlberg, who signed up for the program and have been working on the Children’s Rights Project since May 2013. We discuss topics that particularly move us. However, according to our motto “Laber net – Tua was!” – (in English) “Walk your Talk” – we also work out projects and put them into practice: In Austria and also in Ehtiopia!

We meet every first Saturday each month in the office for foreign affairs in Dornbirn. There we don’t only put up our workshop contents for schools, but we also work on ideas to bring the UN-memorial days and the SDG’s to attention.

We want to make sure that more and more people are confronted with the Rights of a Child and the Sustainable Development Goals to raise awareness of the constant violations and problems around the globe.

It is about time that young people get more involved in solving global problems and shaping their future by taking the initiative.

Finally I want to give you something to think about:

Maybe only 25 % of the world’s population are young people like us….

But still…. we will be 100 % of the future.


”Giant children of the UN-Convention on the Rights of the Child“

From February until August 2015, we built ten “Giant Children”(height: 2,9 m!), figures each of them representing one of the basic rights of the Convention on the Rights of a Child.

The Giant Children are definitely eye-catching, but they also fulfill their mission: to be silent witnesses of the many bad things that are happening to children all over the world.

Besides several exhibition places, we submitted our “Giant Children“ at the regional and interregional “Youth Project Competition“ (in Vaduz FL) in October 2015 and won the second price twice!

It was a great honor for us, to exhibit our “Giant Children” in cooperation with the Permanent Mission of Austria in the Rotunda of the United Nations in Vienna in February 2017and in the Austrian Parliament in March 2017. Another door was opened to us – in February 2018 we were invited to exhibit the Giant Children in the ‘Salle de pas perdus” in the UN Geneva. Besides over 100 visitors, our Austrian president Alexander Van der Bellen opened the exhibition, which made this event very special to us.

MUSICALS on the Rights of a Child & the SDGs:

*2014 The Youth Ambassadors performed “Stand up!” (about the rights and duties of children) alongside the Musical Company “groovaloos!”, a musical which was produced in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the UN Children’s Rights Convention. By reaching over 3000 young people and school classes, they did not only inform, but also raised awareness. It was a real challenge to break down this complex topic (dealing with UN themes, ratification, rights and duties) into 10 musical scenes! (also available on DVD)

*Our current musical production SOLVE IT for the publication of the SDGs was a great success!

‘SOLVE IT- time is running!’ was premiered in June 2018 in Vorarlberg (Western Austria), to create awareness for students and adults – (basically everyone unaware!) about the meaning of this global agenda. By representing each SDG individually, in a unique and creative way on stage, far away from classroom teaching style, we did not only catch the young people’s interest, but also supported teachers in their educational function.

With the 9 performances of this educational musical, we could reach around 2400 people here in Vorarlberg/Austria.

Again the young people (Youth ambassadors & “groovaloos!”) were involved 100% in the implementation, scriptwriting and layout.

In response to the great demand, SOLVE IT will be performed again this Fall 2018!


Another highlight was the first prize at the Children’s Rights-Filmclip-Competition of the Austrian Ministry of Youth and Family in the category “Dreaming of a child orientated world” in 2014.

In 2015 we made third place in the 2. Children’s Rights-Filmclip-Competition of the Austrian Ministry of Youth and Family in the category “moments of inconceivable happiness…or unhappy times”

In September 2016 our “Giant Children Exhibition” was designated for ”Places of Respect 2016“.

We are happy to announce our first prize voted for our “Musical SOLVE IT - time is running!”within the environmental week performed by ‘Sustainable Austria’. Two Youth Ambassador are invited to attend the HLPF 2018 (High-Level-Political-Forum-on sustainable development) from 9th to 14th July in New York!


Interactive World Map for Children’s Rights

On the Sparkassen Platz in Bregenz, the youth ambassadors helped create an oversized painting of the world map, surrounded with letters spelling the basic rights of the United Nations. The world map has a diameter of 10 metres and was officially introduced to the public on May 5th, 2015 in cooperation with a school class from Bregenz in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Convention of the Rights of a Child 2015.


The workshops the youth ambassadors developed have different themes:

Definition of violence, Right to expression, Right to food and water… among others.

They are being introduced mostly in primary schools.


Thanks to cooperation with the Foreign Department, we were able to start our own projects in the South of Ethiopia in 2015. Together with young people from a streetchildren project in Addis Abeba, using the same topics and working on the same goals with a different approach is challenging but encouraging at the same time.

Due to lack of internet access, we have been handwriting lots of letters to famiiarize each other with our different culture, traditions, problems and our way of living.

Although we are thousands of kilometers apart, and our living conditions could not possibly be more different, 12 of our Youth Ambassador team traveled to Ethiopia in July 2017 to meet the young people.

After fundraising 30.000€ within 7 months, we were able to implement three great projects of their own:

*Through planting 300 mango-seedlings in Dodota Dembel, they could support and secure Ethiopian families livelihood. With this active and ecologically sustainable tree planting programme they also set an example for climate protection.

*In Graba Fila the Youth ambassadors financed the construction of four school toilets, built “tippy-taps” and implemented workshops on hygiene and sanitation promotion.

“Catchies” to produce washable sanitary pads for girls. With this project, they can counteract absent days in school during menstruation and prevent young women from dropping out of school.

Through our trips and projects abroad which aim at contributing to SDGs, we form a special connection with young people on another continent which in turn is crucial for the success of these projects.

We are planning to continue our projects in the summer of 2019.

The project YOUTH AMBASSADORS is very much orientated towards the children’s interest and takes into consideration the expectations of their school engagements.

Project coordinator: Nicole Kantner