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Un evento para inspirarse en las nuevas economías.Con foco en nuevos modelos de negocios, las empresas B y su impacto en los objetivos de desarrollo sostenible.  #EconomiaCircular #EconomiaColaborativa #EconomiaRegenerativa #Genero #EmpresasB #BCorporation  25/09 -   
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In Latin America and the rest of the world we and thousands of people see ourselves as part of a movement in which we meet almost spontaneously when we realize that we share the same quest: a new economic “genetics” that allows values and ethics to inspire collective solutions without neglecting individual needs. Thus, transcendence, meaning and purpose meet. What’s the point of an economy that grows financially but because of its very nature generates further inequality, uses up the water and other resources of the Earth and deepens individualism and the exclusion of thousands of people?

Sistema B’s proposal points to an economy that can create value for our civilization and our planet by promoting forms of economic organization that can be measured by the simultaneous well-being of people, societies and the Earth and with short and long-term considerations.

Since its creation in April 2012 there are already 10 national Sistemas B and in two cities in Latin America. There is also a community of over 350 B Corps in the region giving the actual example that it is possible to achieve this vision in business, including in the agreements of their own shareholders. Together they account for more than 3 billion dollars in revenues annually and promote legislation projects to create a new corporate option. Furthermore, they have been working to introduce these innovative corporate structures in higher education and take this same talk to public parks and music festivals so that hundreds of thousands of people can be aware of and talk about it.

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