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Please email us and help London support hunger by contributing your food that normally fills your garabge. We all have thrown food out that is perfectly good to eat just lazy to find its way to a reputible shelter.  Produce is one of the highest waste we have, please kindly DONATE  the "UGLY' produce from suppliers, restaurants,  catering companies, greenhouses,  and all  grocery stores in our beautiful city. This can be as little as a box of tomatoes the CHEF was not happy with or the trimmings cleaning meat which can be used in a stew.  There are many ways we can just do one small thing , if we all just did 1 small contribution even weekly can you imagine how many more people the shelters and churches could feed. Yum Yum , lets give everyone a little break in there day by being able to enjoy a meal and knowing you played a part in creating a rainbow in someones dark clouds today. Meagan  
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Steel Grill Catering feeds the hungry everyday , we deliver all food that is left over from various functions as well as food that would not be used before expiration. Right now we just fund the Men's Mission for 15 years but would love to see other Catering Companies in London Ontario do the same. There are many opportunities to feed people in our own community, I think its time for us to take action in a positive way and try to get other companies on board. The Grocery Store Industry would be a great start but only delivering food that is still good to eat and you would eat . I hope you get a great response from all of us in this tiny world closing in by looking the other way, I feel a lot of it comes from educating our youth to what we teach at home. Unfortunately some parts of the world have to suffer, in Canada we don't see the effects and are not kayaking through creeks filled with garbage.

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