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India Tiruvottiyur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Number of people taking this action: 50-250
 The interested people could contact the librarian Banic Pandian, Thiruvottiyur  Branch Library. contact details: 04425994821 email ID: Branch Library Thiruvottiyur Address: No.952, Kaladipet, Thiruvottiyur High Road, Chennai-19.
Organising Partners
1. Thiruvottiyur Library reader's circle supports in various endeavors in terms of both physical and financial grounds. 2. Around 108 philanthropists and 362 patrons from Thiruvottiyur location stepped forward to support the initiatives taken by the library. 3. IPLM and MSSRF are the supporting partners of this library.

About Thiruvottiyur Branch Library

Thiruvottiyur Branch Library is apparently undertaken by the Government of Tamil Nadu, Chennai, India. This library acts a source of knowledge and a real power hub with its endless activities. Unlike other libraries, Thiruvottiyur branch library sets example through its productive and constructive social events and initiatives leaded by the Librarian, Benic Pandian. This Library stands majestic with the three story building covering 5366 sq.ft benefiting the common people especially students from various respects.The library has a phenomenal memberships approximately around 21985 which indeed ranks first in Tamil Nadu. We, as a team not only interested in issuing books to the readers, but also aim for further achievements with regard to the social well being and welfare. we are happy to inform that our government supports to the initiative steps taken by us, through which greater heights are achieved. The UN Sustainable Development organisation itself recognized Branch Library Thiruvottiyur as an eligible developing center to reach the envisioned goal through various training programs and society improvement events. This library has been bestowed with awards from MSSRF, IPLM, NASSCOM Foundations respectively for its ceaseless work.

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