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About Team Initiative


T.E.A.M -(Together Everyone Achieves More)


Team Initiative is a youth led and youth focused non-profit volunteer-driven organization founded by three young and passionate Nigerians who have show great potentials as youth leaders in various capacity.

Team initiative seeks to improve the lives of African youths especially underprivileged and rural youths by bridging the competency gaps that exist among these young people through leadership and development of both soft and practical skills and also helping them to identify opportunities which they can harness towards becoming more productive and self aware.     



Our vision is to create a formidable support system for inspiring African youths towards achieving their full potential thereby enhancing the realization of a sustainable developed world.



Our mission is to innovatively reach out to every African Youth by augmenting the quality education, through capacity building , grooming them to harness their talent and helping them identify suitable and rewarding opportunities that will help them strive for personal excellence and also becoming better citizens of the country


Core values

Integrity: We are honest and transparent, accountable for our actions and efforts to our stakeholders (communities and donors) and maintain a consistently high moral standard. With this, we endeavor to build relationships of trust and strongly uphold our personal and organizational ethics


Responsibility: We are accountable for our efforts and are answerable to all the parties involved as required. We value the roles entrusted to us by the rural communities and schools we work with.


Creativity & Innovation: We go the extra mile to develop innovative programs and projects that can enable us achieve our vision in the most effective and efficient ways possible. We tend to develop new creative solutions to address the challenges highlighted while improving on the existing solutions and creating room for constant



Excellence : We have our eyes set on the state of education in rural Africa and are ready to create transformation in this sector. We continually design new programs while assessing the old ones and then, improving our knowledge of the issues and how best we can address them through learning, research and technology.


Mutual Collaboration : We value the strength that exist in diversity and we are open to collaborations with various groups for the common good of Africa and as such, we value and appreciate all our donors, partners,volunteers and fellows African who believe in the cause that we stand for.



1. Education

2. Advocacy

3. Environmental sustainability

4. Patnership for Sustainable development

5. Youth Leadership



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