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Brazil Sao Paulo
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Hello, We are going to disseminate in our blog the actions carried out by Brazilian companies towards sustainable development, aiming to generate inspiration and ideas in many other companies so that they can start to develop their own actions in the same direction. They can expire what has inspired them.... :)
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https://www.laboratoiresosma.com/ https://www.safesea.es/

About Original UH-ME / Patrícia Kitasato

Original UH-ME is a company that provides quality of life and well-being to its customers through products and services of excellence for the care of beauty and personal hygiene.

We believe that caring for oneself is an important part of a healthy life; but we are referring to true, intimate, not just outward, care. This is the difference of our products: totally natural, ecologically responsible, harmonic for the body, widely certified and produced in a collaborative organization that aims the benefit of all.

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