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AI for Social Good: Women Coders’ Bootcamp

Nepal Kathmandu
Number of people taking this action: 20-50
AI for Social Good: Women Coders’ Bootcamp will be a one-day event which will bring together and connect Nepalese Artificial Intelligence experts with aspiring young female engineering/IT students, coders and AI enthusiasts who will participate to learn about the contemporary advancements and implications of Artificial Intelligence in the global scenario and how the use of modern day technologies like AI and Deep Learning can contribute to the development of the society and the nation itself. The event aims to empower and inspire women in the Nepalese tech community to nurture, develop and implement their ideas of uplifting the society by identifying prevalent problems in sectors such as governance, healthcare, resilience and climate change and building sustainable technologies of societal significance to tackle and cope with them. The event is also expected to be helpful to provide proper directions to the participants’ academic researches and projects, possibly aligning them with community development. The event will commence with speakers’ session which will be addressed by leaders in various sectors in the Nepalese tech industry. The speakers’ session will be followed by a hands-on workshop on applied Artificial Intelligence, which will be led by female mentors.
5 Gender Equality 9 Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure 11 Sustainable Cities & Communities 16 Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions
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