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Australia Newcastle NSW, Australia
Number of people taking this action: 50-250
On September 25th, 2018, we are celebrating three years of the SDGs agreed upon by 193 countries at the United Nations. The SDGs unite world leaders to end poverty, hunger and inequality, act on climate change and the environment, improve access to health and education, build strong institutions and partnerships, and more by 2030. But it's not just about the decisions of our world leaders. It's also how we, as individuals and communities, decide to work together in achieving these goals. As one of only 16 countries in the world which are UN cities, Newcastle will reaffirm its commitment to the future of the planet this September 25th by actively joining the SDG Day to raise awareness within the local Newcastle community and engage people in conversations relevant to these global goals. The event "SDG Day in Newcastle" is organised by the University of Newcastle UN Society, in partnership with the City of Newcastle and Kumalie. Various activities are lined up at Newspace (11am-2pm), to help Newcastle citizens learn more about the SDGs while enjoying a variety of food, entertainment, and music. Together, let us put Newcastle on the map for #Act4SDGs on September 25. We hope to see you there!Check this Facebook event link to get more updates soon and share with your friends https://www.facebook.com/events/742343752778215/
Organising Partners
Newcastle United Nations Society, City of Newcastle, University of Newcastle, Kumalie Group Pty Ltd, UON Global

About United Nations Society of Newcastle/City of Newcastle/Kumalie Group Pty Ltd

The United Nations Society is made of a group of students who are passionate about advocating for the United Nations and the Sustainable Development Goals. A few of us have attended the University Scholars Leadership Symposium at the United Nations, where we are now committed to advocating for the SDGs. Our goal is to raise awareness of the SDGs, lobby our university and community to incorporate them into their strategic framework, and undertake projects which support the SDGs.

We are working alongside City of Newcastle, and Kumalie Group Pty Ltd (a sustainability and impact communications advisory services consultancy). Together, all of us are working towards uniting Newcastle around the SDG framework and raising community awareness of their importance.