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MMI has taken various initiatives such as conducting meditation retreats, offering peace education programs in schools, universities, and organizations and orchestrating annual global peace events to create awareness of inner peace. Our core belief is that true world peace is achievable when every individual from ordinary citizens to leaders of nations has inner peace. Our goal - is to foster individuals to have a Healthy Body, a Caring Heart, an Intelligent Mind and an Enlightened Spirit, which we call the "Inner Peace Life.” This year’s global event, dubbed as the “World Inner Peace Celebration 2018 “ kicks off on September 22nd, 2018. Its goal is threefold. 1. To celebrate the International Day of Peace 2. to promote the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) and 3. to introduce the Inner Peace Education and Practice around the globe. As our fight for world peace continues to grow, we need your support and involvement. World peace is urgent and we encourage you to be part of this change movement. Join us today online via  Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. Take a stand, make your inner peace shine, and be the change: Facebook: Get your ticket here:
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PNUD United Nation Inspire Production Maria Bonita Ipanema MIR - Movimento Inter-Religioso do Rio de Janeiro Fundacao Cidade Das Artes Cultura+Diversidade Rio Prefeitura Rio+Centro Mundial Para O Desenvolvimento Sustentavel

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The Middle Way Meditation Institute AKA (MMI), is a New York-Based global organization that promotes peace education as a means to attaining world peace. We are creating a movement that joins world leaders and thinkers, interfaith communities, educators, businesses, local citizens and thousands of fearless inner peace warriors around the world to advance a common purpose: Universal inner peace.

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