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Promoting Gender Equality Awareness in Architecture & Urban Planning

Israel Tel Aviv, Israel
Number of people taking this action: 1-20
We are interested in projects and collaborations in Israel and around the world which are set to close the gaps such as schools for girls, support centers etc., In addition, as the world moves towards smaller private spaces and larger public and commune spaces including larger use of public transportaion, we believe that those spaces must be safe for women, and this can only be achieved with women being part of the planning team, therefor speak for companies and organizations, including real estate developers, to bear this in mind while hiring a design team as part of the company's social responsibility. On the larger scale, ZISO Founder and CEO, Arch. Michal Ziso, is a memeber on a specialist board on 'Israel 100' - a masterplan for the next 30 years in Israel, where she currently advocates for gender equality as an important national issue, which will therefor be taken into consideration in the realm of rethinking the building code and zoning law. *our current scale of operation is nation with the intention of scaling it up to international
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About ZISO

We are an international architecture firm based in Tel Aviv, Israel. ZISO plans and designs inspirational structures with people in mind, emerging from analysis and true understanding of the ever changing nature of the world we live in. We strongly believe in sustainability, urban sociology and equality driven ideas. Our recent projects focus on urban renewal in various scales.

While women make up half of the global population, they still don't get equal opportunities for education, health care, equal pay and equal representation across the board. ZISO believes gender equality is not just a women rights issue, it is human rights issue, therefore commits itself to contributing to the cause by donating our professional abilities at architectural consultation and work to projects that are set to close the gap.

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