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Disability Inclusion and the SDGs-From Words to Action

Syrian Arab Republic Salamiyah, Syria
Number of people taking this action: 1-20
4 quality education 11 sustainable cities & communities 17 partnerships for the goals
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Ruh Global Communication

About Nabil Eid

Disability Inclusion Strategies

ICT Accessibility Consulting Services & Solutions, Middle East and North Africa

Providing Strategic Disability Inclusion in the MENA Region

Training on developing organizational approach, build accessible environment, Smart City according to CRPD and international standards.

Studies on policy and practice for increasing access through Accessibility and AT to fully inclusive of persons with disabilities in the 2030 Agenda, and SDGs.

Support persons with a disabilities in inclusion, community, social life, education and employment.

Universal Design for inclusion and integrating Assistive Technology into existing services.

Assessment and recommendation for eAccessibility services

Improving the access to education, vocational education, training and income generation for internally displaced persons, refugees with disabilities and host communities.

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syrian arab republic
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4 quality education