Association de Développement Intégré des Jeunes du Kourwéogo (ADIJK)

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Contribution to the promotion of human rights in Kourwéogo province

Burkina Faso Central Plateau region; Kourwéogo Province
Number of people taking this action: 50-250
5 gender equality

About Association de Développement Intégré des Jeunes du Kourwéogo (ADIJK)

The Integrated Youth Development Association of Kourwéogo is a youth organization based in Burkina Faso. It is organized at the provincial level and includes bodies and bodies that are: The General Assembly and the Executive Board. The General Assembly is the supreme decision-making body of the ADIJK which meets in ordinary session once (01) year. The executive board is the body responsible for monitoring the orientations of the General Assembly, advocacy and the mobilization of resources. It is composed of five (05) members. The General Assembly elected an executive bureau for the duration of the respective term of office which is five (5) years.

It is present in all five (5) communes of the province through focal points. The ADIJK has two categories of members which are: Members of Law and Honorary Members. Currently, it has 126 rights members including 47 women and 79 men, 37% women and 2 honors members.

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burkina faso
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5 gender equality