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A short video showing how responsible consumption can reduce food waste in Singapore

Singapore Singapore
Number of people taking this action: 1-20
Once the video is uploaded via my own social media platforms, mainly Facebook, the UN SDG Action Campaign's platforms and YSI SEA's social media page, anyone can share the video on their own social media platforms and spread the video. Use the following hashtags: #reducefoodwaste #sdg12 #responsibleconsumption #act4sdgs #advsgp3 #act4sdgs,adv_sgp_3 etc.
12 Responsible Consumption & Production

A social media campaign targeted towards the YSI fellows, the YSI team and the youth in the Earthpreneurs network

Singapore Singapore
Number of people taking this action: 50-250
1. Post a photo/video of  yourself on facebook or  instagram and tell us how you are going to take action or be more involved with the SDGs.  For example: Anyone can post a video or photo with the caption “On this Global Day of Action, I pledge to eliminate single use plastic and go for the items with less packaging”. 2. Use the following hashtags: #act4SDGs #adv_sgp_3 #act4sdgs,adv_sgp_3  #YSI #earthpreneurs #YSISEA.  3. Tag  3 of your friends to post a similar video or photo on how they want to get involved with the SDGs (OPTIONAL).
Organising Partners
Young Sustainable Impact Young Sustainable Impact Southeast Asia


I am one of the 25 young ASEAN advocates who have been selected to join the MY World Advocacy Programme. As part of the Programme, I have the opportunity to work as MY World 2030 Advocates and become agents of change in my community, city, region and country. My objective is to raise awareness for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), collect citizen data and input using the ASEAN MY World 2030 survey, and advocate for citizen engagement in the implementation of the SDGs.