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Foro Regional: Hacia una Salud Sostenible

Mexico Mérida, Yucatán.
Number of people taking this action: 50-250
La Agenda 2030 representa un momento fascinante en la historia de la salud pública en el cual la salud es una fuerza impulsora de una nueva calidad de vida y bienestar, y los retos del sector salud rebasan sus límites tradicionales.  Es por ello que, en julio de 2018, s
1 no poverty 2 zero hunger 3 good health & well-being 17 partnerships for the goals
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AMEENF - Yucatán. AMEENF - Ciudad de México. AMEENF - Coahuila. AMEENF - Valladolid.

About asociación mexicana de estudiantes de enfermería

n october 2017, the ameenf, was established with the mission of betting on the training of future young professionals of nursing, promoting self-training and updating in health matters, as well as the implementation and dissemination of international campaigns.

this initiative of university students, seeks to be the change and position nursing as a social action committed to the professional care of the patient.

the ameenf promotes the advancement of nursing practice towards quality and excellence, and is represented in more than 15 states of the mexican republic, in addition to having links with 3 countries in the world (colombia, egypt, indonesia), the national headquarters is located in the state of yucatan. with this is a guarantee to improve professional competence and a clear commitment to progress in the future.

the ameenf, plans to carry out the campaign in mexico, through the dissemination in the students, novices and professionals of nursing, so that they know them, in our strategic points of the country, that is to say the state divisions that make up the ameenf.

we have been doing it through conferences and talks with colleagues about the objectives, values and vision of the campaign.

on the other hand, during our first 9 months of uninterrupted work we carried out 20 activities to share the initiative. and there was an excellent response and interest from the nursing organizations of the country, which have requested information and we have gladly provided them with the necessary to get them involved.

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1 no poverty 2 zero hunger 3 good health & well-being 17 partnerships for the goals