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"Os ODS em Ação"

Portugal Lisbon, Portugal
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
The project "Os ODS em Ação" it is a result of a partnership between AMI Foundation and the NGO Help Images, financed by Camões I.P. . (portuguese co - operation) and aims at contributing for a more informed and active society on the promotionof a  Sustainable Developmen
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Help Images - Media para o Desenvolvimento

About AMI - Assistência Médica Internacional

Founded in 1984, AMI Foundation envisions to mitigate inequality and suffering in the World, with human beings as the main focus of concern, as well as to create a World that’s more sustainable, harmonious, inclusive, tolerant, and less indifferent and violent.

AMI's mission is to provide humanitarian aid and to promote human development, taking Human Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals into account within the areas of social and environmental health, anywhere in the World, regardless of race, gender, age, nationality, language, politics, religion, philosophy or social status, considering each person a unique and irreplaceable being, worthy of attention and care.