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Work it out, clean it up

Nigeria Ilorin
Number of people taking this action: 50-250
To join, enquirer if we have centers in your location, if we do, be rest assured they would be doing the same, but if now, you could bring together a group of 10 people and above to work together. The project is to buttress goals 3
3 good health & well-being 4 quality education 6 clean water & sanitation 13 climate action 17 partnerships for the goals
Organising Partners
Ministry of environment Road safety Red Cross Rotaract club

About Project 400 Heroes Global

Project 400 is an initiative of heroes nation that started in October 2017 Nigeria by Mike Oladipo, The Founder and CEO of Heroes Nation -

Heroes Nation is a leadership and business consulting firm with a mandate to raise responsible leaders for national significance and global relevance.

Mission of project 400 heroes

To train and mentor 400 young patriotic and visionary youths in cities and countries who will serve as Heroes Social Change Ambassadors.

They will lend their voices, resources, knowledge and networks to advance community stability, advocate for social cohesion, peaceful coexistence,

good governance and responsible citizenship towards the actualization is United Nations Sustainable Development Goals SDGs.

Bringing together young people who will serve as social change ambassadors in pursuit of the localization of SDGs in their respective communities

Going forward, there is a need for young leaders and professionals to come together and domesticate operations if we must realize the global goals.

Within its 8 months of establishment, we have centers in 10 countries and 10 states in Nigeria.

Countries We Work in
Languages We Work in
SDGs We Tackle
4 quality education