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Brazil São Paulo, State of São Paulo, Brazil
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Everyone can be part of the Awaken Love Channel and help us expand the around the world! We started a 17-week study, where we will explain each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, showing clear examples of the challenges, but mainly sharing to everyone good practices that are helping tackle these problems.  Our mission is to multiply the concept of SDGs with clarity, bringing people closer to the knowlodge and possibilities of collaborations. 

About Awaken Love Channel

The Awaken Love Channel is a plarform of communication focused only on good news. Our goal is to spread positivity, share good practices and sustaianble projects, creating a network of passionate and engaged people that want to change the world.

We just started on our instagram page a 17-week campaign, where we will explore each SGD in a week, explaining them, sharing actions towards them, spreading awareness of the goals!

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