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Morocco's Magical PlayGarden

Morocco Meknes, Morocco
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BLOOM's 'Magical PlayGarden' is designed to provide orphans with outdoor spaces to create, collaborate, problem-solve, build relationships, innovate, be mindful, and be physically and cognitively stimulated. The children are empowered by contributing to the design of their own garden and have a sense of pride and ownership in the completed project. The PlayGarden provides children with an opportunity to engage in free unstructured play and enjoy lush natural environments to nourish their five basic senses. Considering the dire outcomes for orphans aging out of Moroccan institutions, BLOOM Charity helps them develop the skills necessary to blossom into resilient, mentally and physically healthy adults and good citizens.  Early Childhood Development (ECD) programs reduce inequality and break the cycle of poverty. BLOOM’s programs support the critical work in ECD for disadvantaged children in Moroccan orphanages, by providing them with a dedicated space to learn and grow. BLOOM also trains the orphanage staff to create positive learning experiences, the language they should use to encourage the children and promote their confidence, and how learn-through-play activities can be incorporated into daily routines at the orphanage. At BLOOM, we are determined to fill the orphanages in Morocco with learning, healing and hope. We are grateful for the support. Contact us at: for more information. Follow us @Bloom4Charity:   Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or on LinkedIn 
3 good health & well-being 4 quality education 10 reduced inequalities 11 sustainable cities & communities 5 Gender Equality

About BLOOM Charity

BLOOM Charity improves the overall well-being of institutionalized orphans in Morocco by creating intervention programs targeting early childhood development, education and mental health. Simultaneously, BLOOM builds a community of support for Moroccan adoptees living in the USA.

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3 good health & well-being 4 quality education 5 gender equality 10 reduced inequalities 11 sustainable cities & communities