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Bangladesh is going to celebrate the Act4SDGs through Community Radio in Bangladesh at 17 Community Radio station level in rural Bangladesh on 28 September 2018. In the meanwhile, all Community Radio Broadcasting is preparing them for celebrating the International Day for Universal Access (IDUA). The theme is to highlight the importance of access to information and to address core issues around this access which are crucial for a sustainable development and open societies. In this occasion, community radio station will arrange a talk show, magazine program etc. The representative from media, practitioners, civil society members, academia, administration, and the representative from the different level of the society will have participated in the Act4SDGs through Community Radio in Bangladesh.  The community radio stations are now broadcasting 144 hours of daily programs majorities of which are aimed at addressing SDGs goals by motivating people, connecting and bridging the gaps by setting agendas like reducing poverty and inequalities, need for education and good health and clean water & sanitation. Around 1000 community broadcasters are now working with 17 stations throughout the country as rural broadcasters. Community Radio has created scope for the poor and marginalized community to raise their own voices; it becomes the voice for the voiceless. These neo-media outlets opened scope to establish their rights of Information and communication in the social, political, cultural and environmental arena. As a result of such advocacy programs scope widened for poverty reduction and sustainable development because of the rights to raise the voice of the community and accessibility to knowledge and information. Scopes also opened for the exchange of dialogue between local elected representatives, government bodies and NGO professionals for the sake of establishing good governance. Direct linkage established between the community and the main sectors. Scopes were created for social debate, inclusion, and preservation of cultural diversity by ensuring the inclusion of the marginalized community. Community radio is now able to play the more active role particularly in addressing SDG policies and development agendas of the government. Most of CR programs correspond to the government’s development agenda in line with international national commitment such as 7th Five Years Plan, UN Sustainable Development Goals, and UN World Summit on the Information Society (UN WSIS) Action Plan etc.
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About Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio & Communication

Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) is in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) accredited with World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) of the United Nations and UN WSIS prize winner 2016 and Champion 2017. BNNRC's outreach extends to local, national and international forums for communicating Knowledge for Media.

BNNRC’s approach to media development is both knowledge-driven and context-sensitive, and it takes into account the challenges and opportunities created by the rapidly changing media environment in Bangladesh including community radio development giving voices for the voiceless.

BNNRC now strives for the following core interventions to contribute in achieving 7th five Years Plan of Government of Bangladesh, UN World Summit on the Information Society (UN WSIS) Action Plan, and UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) through: Community Media Development (Community Radio & Community TV Community Film) for amplifying voices for the voiceless, Right to Information (RTI) for ensuring improved livelihood of the marginalized, ICT for Development for Bridging the Digital Divide in rural areas, Amateur Radio or HAM Radio for Disaster Risk Reduction, Community Film for Social Transformation.

BNNRC is actively working to improve recognition of the community electronic media sector (Community Radio, Community TV, Community Film) & its work in and involvement with the communities. BNNRC represent the community electronic media sector to Government, Industry, Regulatory Bodies, Media, Academia and Development Partners from 2000. BNNRC is supported by contributions from different development organizations worldwide who share a commitment in building a free, independent and pluralistic community media of voices for the voiceless.

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