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Greece Rhodes, Greece
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"The Children's Art Gallery of Greece" organises the "SDGs CREATIVE ACTION" initiative to connect and engage children and youth in the SDGs through the creative arts.A complete educational and cultural programme for children aiming at empowering and involving the young generation in the SDGs. The flourishment of the SDGs dialogue within the young generation is encouraged by an open invitation to every child from 4 to 18 years from around the world to engage in the SDGs and create artworks inpired by them.Based on the foundations of education (learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together, and learning to be), the "SDGs Creative Action Initiative" is a pioneering project, which as a collaborative joint construction, it acts as a mechanism for collecting, recording, preserving and transferring information and knowledge about the SDGs by the children and to the children. The communication of children’s creativity acts as a varied inspirational platform for children's art production. An open dialogue between archival practice and children's visual production, bringing to the fore the modern childhood thinking, the concerns and prospects of the new generation of our world, reinforcing the interpretation of the past, the deeper understanding of the present and the shaping of the future.
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The CHILDREN’S ART GALLERY is a pioneering educational organisation aiming at promoting and encouraging children's artistic creations on an international level. By organizing a variety of educational programmes, thematic competitions, painting exhibitions and artistic events, we release the expression of children through their innate language, art.

Children are not students, but the creators and the architects of the future. Their creative expressions embody the nascent imagination that shapes the future. The imagination of children is the social capital and their creations must be encouraged and respected as masterpieces. With creative experiences, children can acquire the skills to advance effectively in a complex world and develop innovative solutions for prosperity, progress and peace.

Creativity as a continuous process, a booming explosion of ideas and imagination on a journey of creation and innovation. The programme develops empathy through art and gives leadership skills so that children can co-create a peaceful future for their communities. Creativity and co-creation become building blocks for cooperative innovation and positive social change. The CHILDREN’S ART GALLERY empowers children to shape the future and change the world. Through art, it inspires creativity, gives hope, strengthens people, brings new perspectives, and offers results that encourage innovation, and improve the quality of life. Inventory is cultivated in children when they are encouraged to express their view through their art. Cultivate consciousness. As we live in an increasingly multicultural society, world consciousness is becoming increasingly important for children to learn about other cultures by examining the art produced by children around the world and by participating in international competitions.