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Private sector involvement is crucial to reach the goals and we need companies to align its strategies with SDGs but also to contribute to raise people awareness. In Spain, more than 87% of working population is employed in a company and the potential of private sector on SDGs is terrific. Nevert
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Voluntariado y Estrategia, Red Española del Pacto Mundial, IMPACT2030

About Voluntariado y Estrategia

Voluntariado y Estrategia is a Spanish organization specialized in corporate volunteering. We work on tailored made projects in order to increase the impact of our client´s volunteering programs. We cover all services related to corporate volunteering, from drawing medium-long term strategies, to design, implement and evaluate projects and activities.

Furthermore, we lead two big multi-company projects: Voluntare network aiming at developing knowhow, tools and innovations on corporate volunteering and #COMPANIES4SDGs campaign to spread SDGs awareness and promote action toward the global goals.