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Open Doors Nursery of Seedlings

Brazil Piracicaba, SP, Brasil
Number of people taking this action: 50-250
The purpose of this action is to celebrate the National Arbor Day in Brazil,  at the Piracicaba Nursery of Seedlings, a Consórcio PCJ partner,  showing to the community how important is to preserve the forests for the protection of the rivers and water sustainability. It will happen in Piracicaba city, São Paulo State, Brazil on September 21. 
6 Clean Water & Sanitation 15 Life on Land
Organising Partners
The partners who support this project are, OJI Papeis Especiais and City Hall of Piracicaba.

About Consórcio PCJ

Consórcio PCJ, through its programs, has the purpose of developing activities and actions for recovery and preservation, in addition to meeting the needs of consortes companies and municipalities. The programs developed are: water resource management, education and evironmental awareness, institutional cooperation, regional integration, support to consortium members, solid residues, protection of water sources, basic sanitation and rationalization, water monitoring systems, program of companies, planning and sustainability.