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Nigeria WARRI
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Civil Society Advance Forum on Sustainable Development

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Nigeria WARRI
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Women 2030 Delta State

public hearing

Nigeria WARRI
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1st SDGs International Conference

Nigeria Abuja, Nigeria
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Civil Society Advance Forum on Sustainable Development

“Women’s CSOs Networking to realize the Sustainable Development Goals”

Nigeria Delta, Nigeria
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1 no poverty 2 zero hunger 3 good health & well-being 5 gender equality 10 reduced inequalities
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Women 2030 Delta state

About development initiative for community impact

Development Initiative for community Impact (DICI) is a non- governmental organization duly registered, with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) on 11th of October 2012 with registration number (CAC/IT/NO 56665). We primarily exist to promote Human rights, Democracy & Good Governance, Peace building & Conflict prevention; providing access to livelihood through poverty reduction interventions & initiatives for most vulnerable and marginalized group in communities and also encourage quality sustainable development and Peace & Security initiatives. These we do through Community/Social mobilization, Advocacy, Research & documentation, Capacity Building skills training, Mindset Re-Orientation & Empowerment, In order to create an enabling environment that is safe and peaceful for an improved quality of life and sustainable livelihood in our communities. Our organization emphasizes on community participation and inclusive leadership which helps community members to work together to own the achievements facilitated by our programs and sustain positive change


A peaceful and Economically Vibrant Society


Working with Stakeholders to Build Gender Equity through Research & Analysis, Trainings, Mobilization, Policy Advocacy & Empowerment for Sustainable Development


• Policy Advocacy & Campaign

• Research & documentation

• Capacity building

• Information sharing

• Networking/Collaboration

• Education/training

DICI is guided by the following core values

 Transparency

 Respect for human right

 Accountability

 Cooperation beyond borders

 Integrity

 Public mindedness


In order to actualize its vision and mission, DICI have some laid down the following objectives which are:

1. To promote peace sustainable community development, through conflict prevention & management, peace building processes , and environmental justice.

2. To promote policies, ideas and actions for sustainable participation of women and girls in governance

3. To undertake human capacity building and education, for the development of women and girls.

4. To promote the human right of women and girls, through human right education

5. To promote full participation of rural women and girls in social and economic to be self reliant

6. To promote partner and collaborate collaboration with individuals, organizations, coalitions and networks to achieve the organizations objectives and networking for sustainable development


1. We strive to promote openness, transparency and clear communication to build trust and mutual understanding amongst partners.

2. We mainstream gender, SDGs and people with disability in our service delivery

3. We apply professional rigor and discipline focused on achieving targets and deliverable to governing, managing and evaluating various partnership practices.

4. We respect differences in approach, competence, time frames and objectives of our different partners while striving to share good practices for better project outcome.

5. We focus on achieving mutual benefits in a manner that enables the partners to meet their own objectives as well as common goals for the benefit of a sustainable future.

Organizational Philosophy

We do not develop Communities; rather we facilitate communities to make their decisions regarding the direction they choose to follow in charting their own destinies. We believe that without strengthening the capacity of existing community structures to be able to receive, manage and take ownership of development process, community development projects will continue to lack sustainability. However, the people, and the institutions are our priority concern. Therefore, DICI pursues, bottom-up, community-based, people centered development approaches.

Value Addition

DICI is committed to the principles of value addition. While intervening, we ensure value for money. We bring our expertise to bear on the work we do.


DICI, like many learning organizations, takes advantage of synergies from partnerships and collaborations. Some of our partners include:

• Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND)

• Society for Family Health (SFH)

• West Africa Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP)

• Action Aid Nigeria/Environmental and Rural Mediation Centre

• Peace and Community Empowerment Initiative


Our Experience

Through the many years of working with the communities, DICI has enabled the communities to establish their own institutions for planning and implementing pathways out of poverty and this achievement is attracting considerable interest as a model for how sustainable development in communities may be facilitated across the Niger Delta. Also, for more than five (5) years DICI has been involved in a number of programs and projects including:

• Macro Conflict Impact Assessment Training

• Ongoing Non-violence Election Campaign

• Ongoing Campaign to end all forms of gender based violence

• Ongoing Campaign to end all forms of gender based violence

• Community Conflict Mapping

• Conflict Sensitivity Training

• Conduct of Community Needs Assessment;

• Community Systems Strengthening on ATM

• Budget analysis, monitoring & tracking

• Campaign for climate Justice


• Conflict prevention & Peace building

• Democracy & Good Governance

• Gender & Youth Development

• Economic Empowerment

• Climate Justice


1. Women Peacebuilding Network (WIPNET), Delta State Coordinator

2. Women Situation Room Nigeria (WSRN), Warri South LGA Coordinator

3. Women Peace and Security Network (WPSN) Delta state, Member

4. Delta Economic Literacy Budget and Accountability for Governance (DELBAG), Deputy Coordinator

5. Delta State Budget Committee Group, Deputy Coordinator

6. Delta state Civil Society Organizations’ on Good Governance (DECGOG), Deputy Coordinator

7. Network of Civil society on Water & Sanitation (NEWSAN) Delta State, Treasurer

8. Tax Justice platform, Member

9. Civil Society Advance Forum on SDGs, National Treasurer

10. SDG Women 2030 Delta, member

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1 no poverty 2 zero hunger 3 good health & well-being 4 quality education 5 gender equality 6 clean water & sanitation 10 reduced inequalities 13 climate action 16 peace, justice & strong institutions 17 partnerships for the goals