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Education for Sharing @ Flor del Café School in Mazatenango, Guatemala

Guatemala Mazatenango, Guatemala
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Through its local office in Guatemala, E4S implemented the Sports for Sharing and Initiatives for Sharing programs at the Flor del Café School in the village of Mazatenango, Guatemala for the entire 2017 school year (May-December) Sports for Sharing's innovative playful methodology links the SDGs to local communities. Children, their teachers, and their communities generate awareness about how these Global Goals relate to their communities and are empowered, through sports and physical activity, to come up with innovative ideas to help achieve them. Initiatives for Sharing goes one step further, providing students with project management skills for children to actually provide the community with practical solutions to the SDGs they learned in Sports for Sharing. By the end of the year, children perceive themselves as change makers that can help their community to actually achieve the SDGs. To fulfill its mission, E4S trains teachers in its methodology, so they can internalize it and apply it beyond the length of the project. Then, teachers, with a close follow up by the E4S team, implement the programs' sessions. Through this process, the E4S team offers constant feedback in order to ensure quality and impact. As a part of the process, we invite students' family members to join special sessions in order to reinforce the learning process, and also local athletes and social entrepreneurs to inspire and encourage students to become agents of change. Finally, we have an "Initiatives Fair", in which kids show their community a school year's work by presenting their initiatives. In Mazatenango, we worked with 1,007 students and 46 teachers, achieving outstanding results. Children created 17 initiatives all related to the SDGs. The initiatives ranged from recycling garbage to saving water and stopying bullying in classrooms.  Furthermore, our evaluation results show that there was a huge increase in the knowledge of the SDGs amongst students. Upon the program's completion, 88% of students recognized the SDGs related to the protection of life below water, life on land, and clean water and sanitation; 84% identified the Zero Hunger SDG, and 84% identified the SDGs related to a better education and a healthy life.
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About Education for Sharing (Educación para Compartir)

Education for Sharing (E4S) is an action-oriented international education model with the mission of forming better citizens from childhood through innovative education based on the power of play.

At E4S, we use active and cooperative play to promote physical activity and transform children's social-emotional health while creating an awareness about the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We partner with schools, providing the tools and resources needed to ensure that every kid can experience safe and healthy play while understanding that they have an important role as change-makers from their local communities.

We empower teachers from a variety of school settings to foster social and environmental awareness about the SDGs while teaching values. Sports, science, arts, and project management “for sharing” are four programs under E4S umbrella that create a healthy environment in which children, teachers, and parents thrive as change-makers. Ultimately, children create and develop their own initiatives to solve their community’s most pressing issues while having fun.

Since its inception in 2007, E4S has worked with over 905,269 children, teachers, and families with important results in the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, the Dominican Republic, Panama, and Cuba. We are about to explore the South Pacific region starting in New Zealand.

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