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United States of America East Los Angeles, CA, USA
Number of people taking this action: 50-250
The event will highlight our Healthy Hat Tricks Soccer/Nutrition program teaching a healthy lifestyle through soccer and better eating habits which includes overall health, emotionally and physically.  Resource fair, soccer challenges and lessons plus chefs offering lessons on eating vegan and modified healthier Mexican faire.  Contact us via our website: www.bgcela.org or via text at 1-626-590-8881.  Follow us at @elarising
3 Good Health & Well-Being
Organising Partners
East Los Angeles Rising; Manchester City Football Club and Nexen Tires USA

About East Los Angeles Rising

An afterschool site serving youth ages 5 to 17 throughout Unincorporated East Los Angeles and the surrounding communities of Los Angeles, Montebello, Commerce and Monterey Park. We offer academic enhancement, athletics, the arts, health & wellness, STEM, college prep, leadership, job readiness and a Family Resource Center.

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United States of America
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English Spanish
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3 Good Health & Well-Being