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India Cochin, Kerala, India
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Women Of Wiki are educated women and stay at home mothers helping each other for holistic growth. We share, care and pool our resources to design wealth creation opportunities. We fund and finance Micro Business Activities by women entrepreneurs and women Self Help Groups. We create the money required from volunteership. We run Conversation Club where participants talk to each other to help improve communication skills of all participants. The organisers are paid by learners here. Gradually learners become organisers and the virtuous cycle goes on. Those who want to join #WOWSNEHOM (Women of Wiki, Social Networking Homes may visit the following site.

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e-Learners' Hub is the Brand Name of Lifelong Learning Centers run by Women Of Wiki volunteers. WOW was founded by Sebastian Panakal (alias Rajan) and his wife Francisca Sebastian (alias Seena). Sebastian is a Wiki Facilitator and a an active Social Entrepreneur, member of Hello Little World Skypers. SP is an UnTeacher, India. A regular presenter at Global Education Conference, he is currently working on his pet project - #EduconIndia. India has not held a Global Education Conference yet. HLWS and WOW shall help conduct #EduconIndia

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