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Social Media Campaign on SDG 7 (Access to Energy)

Germany Eschborn, Germany
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
We will run a social media campaign on how  SDG Goal 7  is related to all other 16  goals. This campaign will start on 10th September and will end on 25th  September.  We invite everybody to be a part of this campaign by sharing our posts and also posting other examples.</

About energypedia ug (haftungsbeschränkt)

Energypedia is an online platform for collaborative knowledge exchange on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy access issues in developing countries. It helps in the diffusion of information addressing the crucial question of how universal and sustainable energy access for all is achievable. Our aim is to create the right environment and provide the right tools for stakeholders engaged in the energy sector to collaborate, create and share knowledge and practical experience.

Currently, energypedia has over 4,300 energy articles that are contributed by over 8,500 registered users (community approach). The registered users include energy practitioners, experts, academics and other interested stakeholders. Similarly, over 50,000 unique visitors access the platform every month. Information on energypedia is freely available to all visitors.

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