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Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
Goals: - Students are given a good value for themselves. From there, they have specific actions in life to bring good things to others. They understand that bringing joy to others is also bringing joy to their own self. - Students are responsible for themselves, people around them, the environment, ... The project aims to create value for students in terms of responsibility, attention and empathy. - The project also aims to achieve the fourth and the 16th goals in 17 UN development goals: Quality Education and Peace, justice and strong institutions https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd77fr9PqyS9zsOrsKOaYYmOh-EHrg9vhOBeIhABTnuufSOQQ/viewform
4 Quality Education

About Everyday Kindness

As a teacher or parent, what do you care about when your child goes to school? When asked this question, I received 90% of the answer: "I want kids to have good academic results." This is a perfectly reasonable expectation. However, the school, the family in particular and the society teaches many other things. Sometimes a child's success in the future is not determined by the knowledge they have. At present, in Vietnam in particular and in many countries in general, school violence is happening more and more severely. We are anxious, but there is not much action to take root to end this situation. Personally, I think that once people treat each other kindly, society will be better.

Scientific studies show that kindness brings a lot of physical and mental benefits, and children need a healthy dose of warmth to be able to grow into healthy individuals, fun and perfect. Children as well as teens can not learn kindness just by thinking or talking about it. Kindness is learned through perception and then distributed. That feeling is when they are doing the right thing. So who will teach children kindness? It's me, weird you and this society. The Everyday Kindness project aims to bring children the value of goodness in life. Join us to spread kindness to the people around you!

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