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Accountability of Missing Persons

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On September 25, 2018, we would like to raise awareness of all the different issues families of missing persons face around the world.  We would like to start an online social media campaign that allows families of missing persons to share the hardships they've encountered while searching fo
5 gender equality 11 sustainable cities & communities 16 peace, justice & strong institutions

About Families of the Missing

The name of the organization was legally changed from the International Federation of Family Associations of Missing Persons from Armed Conflicts (IFFAMPAC) to Families of the Missing, to reflect the organization’s expansion to conduct its programs in non-conflict countries as well as conflict countries, and to address the challenges families’ face under the Global War on Terrorism that does not follow traditional Rules of Engagement.

The organization assists families of missing persons who are in need of economic, social, and psychological assistance to maintain the family unit after a member of the family becomes missing impacting the stability of the family unit. Organizational support is provided to families to help them to become self-sustaining healthy contributors to their communities by: assisting in reunification of families whenever feasible; raising awareness of the family needs; offering a support network for families of missing persons; coordinate the securing of humanitarian aid to family members; identify and advocate improvements in local country laws to protect the rights of the families of missing persons; improve opportunities for economic assistance to the families; and to protect the human rights of vulnerable groups.

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5 gender equality 11 sustainable cities & communities 16 peace, justice & strong institutions