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Portugal Lisboa, Portugal
Number of people taking this action: 50-250
On the 25th of September, AMI foundation will launch a new national project that will disseminate the SDGs in the national school trough out the all academic year - SDGs in Action. Also, on the same date, in order to have all team on board, the 2030 Agenda will be shared within AMIs employees and volunteers in order to make them aware of the SDGs. This will be done using the materials provided by UNRIC and the games developed by the Foundation, namely "the SDG Ball" that helps people to identify and relate the 17 SDGs. It will be a fun and casual moment and at the some time very dinamic and informative. Furthemore, the message of the Deputy Secretary General will be shared in our social Media. We don't want to leave someone  behind!!! 

About AMI - International Medical Assistance

We work towards a fairer, more harmonious and sustainable Humanity.

AMI is present in the four corners of the world, including Portugal, striving for the construction of a different, better tomorrow.

Aware of its responsibility as an agent of change, AMI will continue to create bridges of fraternity, dialogue and understanding for the future.