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Nigeria Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria
Number of people taking this action: 50-250
ELRI plans to have a one day education awareness raising workshop for schools around its location . The overall objective of the  workshop will be to promote understanding of the relationship between children’s rights and the environment,  to identify the role of children in environmental protection, what they need to do , raise awareness on related law, policy and practice to take adequate account of environmental issues and environment-related law, policy and practice to be child-sensitive. We would leverage on ELRI's social media platforms such as twitter and facebook to canvass for support and promote the event.  Interested partners can contact us via our email and join us on twitter and facebook ELRI is open to explore other platform for dialogue between participants and promote exchange of knowledge and experience, and collaboration between relevant actors dealing with children and how they interact with the environment and environmental protection,thereby complementingrecent developmentsrelated to human rights and the environment amongst other groups.A
Organising Partners
Center for Early Green Education Yusfond Consulting

About Environmental Law Research Institute ELRI

Environmental Law Research Institute (ELRI) is a non-profit think tank for applied environmental research and policy analysis. It is duly established under the laws of Nigeria as a company limited by guarantee. ELRI came into being to give strategic direction in creation of awareness on the environment and issues relating thereto.

ELRI aspires to be recognized as a credible facilitator of advanced scholarship and leadership in the provision of local and global information on issues relating to the environment, attendant laws, policies, regulations and the promotion of environmental rights and sustainability.

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