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Agro-Tourism. Online campaign and support for youth training and capacity development. The objective is to contribute to sustainable economic growth by enhancing profitable and sustainable investments within agricultural production, food processing and related industries. The results will be a numbe
1 no poverty 2 zero hunger 4 quality education
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Heirs and Heralds Int’l

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Heirs and Heralds International is a diversified service company with specific interest in food service and agro-logistics. Registered in 2012 by the Corporate Affairs Commission Nigeria, our inspiring vision is to see food on every man’s table by getting the best out of the basics and connecting the basics to the top. This vision gives us the purpose to find a meaningful niche in food service and agro-logistics that directly affects everyone. We are in business to position training in the development agenda and to raise awareness of the potentials of Agricultural sector to lead economic growth, social inclusion, cultural and environmental preservation. To this end, we want to ensure that agricultural trainings are used to promote and stimulate interest in agriculture in Nigerian especially amongst the youths.

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1 no poverty 2 zero hunger 4 quality education 8 decent work and economic growth