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From 14 to 30 September, Civil Society Organizations, schools and institutions are inspired by the Global Goals and create children's workshops, theatrical events, public events, cinema nights, informative workshops, discussions and exhibitions to promote major local changes in Athens, Veria, Thessaloniki, Kalamata, Katerini, Larissa, Rhodes, Serres and Halkidiki. The Hellenic Platform coordinates 38 Organizations and institutions to implement activities during the 17 days across 9 big cities in Greece. The Hellenic Platform will coordinate, communicate and promote all these actions through press releases, radio interviews and social media. At the same time, in social media we urge people to commit themselves to a Goal and take part in the campaign "17 days 17 Goals" by uploading a photo, holding their favorite Goal and declaring "I Commit to Changing My Everyday Life Starting With Goal #!", using the hashtag #17days17goals. Our facebook event, which is daily updated will be the main channel for promoting the activities and inform the citizens. Posts will also be promoted on twitter and Instagram.  
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The Hellenic Platform for Development, an umbrella-organization that operates as a “national platform”, leads a network of Greek Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) active in the fields of sustainable development education, humanitarian aid, global citizenship action and developmental social support. Its current members are supported by a large segment of the Greek society and offer their programs nationwide as well as in many developing countries. It also represents Greek NGOs in CONCORD.

The main objective of the Hellenic Platform is to influence -through the joint action of its members- policy makers in Greece, in the EU and internationally, for the improvement of policies and practices for sustainable development. It also aims to provide education, development of skills, training and sharing of information among Greek NGOs regarding Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

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