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The UN Association of Sweden in Lund


The 'HUR MAN RÄDDAR VÄRLDEN' (English: How to Save the World) podcast is an initiative for communicating the SDGs to a broad audience that was started by two students at Lund University, Agnes Karlsson and Peg Magnusson. The purpose of the action is to spread information about how the Swedish civil society can act for a better world through supporting Agenda 2030, as well as to inform about why the Goals exist and encourage a more accurate conception of the world.

Every second week a new episode of the podcast is released, where Agnes and Peg discuss the background of one SDG, sharing facts and experiences related to the particular SDG. Also, every target of the SDG is shared so the listener receives a full picture of the SDG's spectra. Furthermore, every episode ends with informing about possible solutions in order to overcome the challenges of the SDG before 2030.

In several episodes, inspiring persons from all kinds of backgrounds with special knowledge or experience within one of the Goals has been invited to share their expertise. For instance, the dean of the Economics Faculty at Lund University guested the episode concerning SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), a health engaging student shared her stories from volunteering at an Indian hospital in the SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-Being) episode, while the episode about SDG 4 (Quality Education) included an interview with an Afghan refugee, fleeing with his family from Iran to Sweden for being granted education, and the one discussing SDG 5 (Gender Equality) a discussion about the importance of feminism within both business and private life with two young, female social entrepreneurs.

Additionally, the podcast is produced as a collaboration with the UN Association of Sweden in Lund. Listen to the podcast at or your podcast app through typing 'HUR MAN RÄDDAR VÄRLDEN'. Together we can save the world!

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