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Mexico Yucatán
Number of people taking this action: 50-250
Aimed to young people from 12 to 29 years old from any part of Mexico. The activity will take place from September 21 to 25 of the current year. Objective: That the different sectors of the Mexican society know the great impact generated by small actions for the benefit of ourplanet. In the framework of the dissemination of the Sustainable Development Goals, the contest called "Eco-Challenge" will be promoted daysbefore in social networks of iTraCed "Youth helping Youth" account, so that young people who wish to participate can register by fullfilling the form: with the following information: Name, Entity, Activity and the Link of the Social Network (FB, TW, IN, LinkedIn) where they will upload the photographs with which they will participate. The contest consists of: 1. All Mexican youth between 12 and 29 years old will be summoned to meet the challenges they must complete over the course of 5 days, among which they must, take a shower, wash your face, brush with a bucket / container, use a bicycle as transport, separate waste, use rechargeable batteries, use thermos for drinks, turn off electronic and lights that are not used, disconnect unused electronics, reuse bags or require the use of ecological bags to go to the supermarket, change incandescent bulbs for saving lights and finally inspire a person to join the ecological change (these will be provided by iTraCed by posting on our Facebook page a photograph that indicates them in the actions with a promotional video that promotes them). 2. They should share in their social networks throughout the days the actions they choose to carry out with an encouraging footnote that motivates more young people to join including the hashtags that will be provided by the iTraCed team as these will help us keep track of the participants, that information will arrive in the response of the registration email they previously sent. Finally, the young person who has made the greatest number of challenges with impact, (this after being evaluated by the members of iTraCed) will be awarded with a surprise prize. 3. One day after the challenge, the iTraCed family will share a thank-you video to all the participants highlighting the benefits that these actions bring with them and the positive environmental impact generated, there will be included the photographs shared by the participants as an invitation to more people encouraging them to join the change.
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Universidad de Oriente

Gender Equality

Mexico Yucatán
Number of people taking this action: 50-250
Goals: • That society recognizes the capacity of the female and male sector as a key factor to achieve the country's sustainable development.It is intended that Mexican youth learn to interact correctly with their future work teams, considering that figuresmasculine and feminine will be included in them.• Contribute to the empowerment of Mexican women, so that in this way their rights are asserted, through a call fromjustice and equity before society. Description: Within the framework of the dissemination of the Sustainable Development Goals, the campaign Gender Equality "Leaving No One Behind" where it is expected that university students can know the importance of the work done by both men and womendaily; The activity is divided into the following moments: 1. Share the story of a female figure who is a recognized icon despite certain obstacles presented throughout her personal life, as well as in her vocational training, which currently serves as an activist and promoter of the SDGs: Naomi Campbell. 2. Share the stories of the enterprising women that make up the iTraCed team as an example of successes (here the reasons that resulted in their success will be highlighted the difficulties in their lives, which impelled them to change their communities through their actions and success stories). 3. Creation of a fictional-motivational story whose narrative aims to highlight the qualities of men and women, at the end of this activity they will be informed that we are all unique. 4. Realization of dynamics of integration and reflection.
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About iTraCed

Established on December 2015, iTraCed "I Transform and Connect Education" is a youth organization that promotes emotional education, leadership and social commitment through services offered to society, with the objective of reducing the high school dropout rates and promoting the integral formation through the connection, alliance and youth force.

iTraCed seeks to rescue the talent of Mexican youths and maximize them, under the essence of helping them fulfill their dreams and thus contribute to the construction of a better Mexico.

We provide the services of:

Training in leadership, empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Coaching (advice from young to young).

Dissemination of the SDGs

Pedagogical program based on emotional education

iTraCed works on a national level in Mexico, mainly in Yucatán, Quintana Roo, Baja California, Baja California Sur, Sinaloa, Michoacán and Mexico City.

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