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Promoting quality education of children with visual impairment, deafblindness and additional disabilities

India Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
To promote and assist in building of local capacity to develop curriculum, to provide training and to identify and provide equipment and materials to children and youth with visual impairments and their parents, teachers and others in their communities. ICEVI is initiating programmes at all levels to STRENGTHEN LOCAL CAPACITY BY FACILITATING TRAINING FOR PROFESSIONALS FACILITATING ACCESS TO EQUIPMENT DEVELOPING DISTANCE EDUCATION COURSES To collaborate with and make use of networks to ensure that substantially more children with visual impairment and youth receive quality and comprehensive education.
4 Quality Education
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The International Council for Education of People with Visual Impairment (ICEVI) is a global association of individuals and organisations that promotes equal access to appropriate education for all visually impaired children and youth so that they may achieve their full potential.

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4 Quality Education