International Movement for Advacement of Education Culture Social & Economic Development (IMAECSED)

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Clean and Healthy Society

India Serampore, Hooghly, West Bengal, India
Number of people taking this action: 50-250
1 no poverty 3 good health & well-being 4 quality education all sdgs
Organising Partners
We the World 2030 Major Groups and UNEP / UNEA Major Groups. We are also seeking to improve our activities along with the increasing Numbers of Organising Partners.

About International Movement for Advacement of Education Culture Social & Economic Development (IMAECSED)

IMAECSED is a Non-Government Voluntary Organization registered on 20th November 1995 under the Indian Societies Registration Act, 1860. Its full name signifies its main role and objectives. Our endeavour is to practical skill through cutting edge research, case studies, and presentations tailored to the unique needs to develop and implement strategies to increase the value of Leadership to the community and constituents. To respect the ideals and principles of UN Charter and promote International understanding in conformity with the principles and ideals of various UN org.

Our best efforts to follow the regular activities, reports, meetings of different NGO Departments of UN, to prevent, mitigate and resolve violation of Human Rights, implement innovative ideas to mitigate/adopt Climate change according to the changing circumstances in different areas and collection of Data for achievement of targets for 2030 SDG.

IMAECSED achieved the Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC. Observer Status with UNCTAD, UNEP, UNEA & Major Groups: UNCCD, Partnership with UNOP; Member of UNODC, WSSCC, UNFCC, UNGOC; Participant of UNGlobal Compact; UN NGLS listed our NGO as contributor under ANNEX II UN Development System Review Process, UN NGLS invite in theSelection Committee of GA High Level Meeting, Regd. Stakeholder for High-level Meeting of GA to review WSIS, Accredited to UNCTAD 14, NGLS; IMAECSED as CIVIL SOCIETY ACTOR to High Commissioner for Human Rights Accredited to ADB, World Bank/IMF, UN WOMAN, and actively ENGAGED with regular activities with Invitations to various meetings and for Selection committee and for Forum from many UN and other International

org. during the whole year. We are presently nomnated by UNEP/UNEA as Reviewer under GEO 6. Upon Invitation recently applied to the World Bank Credit Inspection Panel.

Sir, kindly cooperate and help us to mobilize and spread our activities under your umbrella. I shall be highly obliged for your sympathetic consideration for Leadership / Committee Member/ Partnership.

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