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India RudhauliI, Basti, Uttar Pradesh, India
Number of people taking this action: 50-250
Any one can volunteer to teach the poor students  comming from grassroot and local areas . We teach from Primary to Seniour Secondary stage. We would provide fooding lodging and some pocket money . For that any one can contact me on sushant.piyush2
4 quality education 6 clean water & sanitation
Organising Partners
Praxis Vidyapeeth, Chaman Dhaba, Mangalam Paithalogy , Local government


Established as premier coaching institute for IIT/PMT in 2010 .Currently we are full fledged Engineering /Medical preparatory fully residential school having two furnished campuses. Around 1200 students have been enrolled so far and getting quality education.(300 Students are residing in Hostel including Boys and Girls ).Approx 50 to 60 Praxis Family Members are engaged to take Praxis at new heights (Including Teaching and Non Teaching ).Our faculty members are consist of a group of talented energetic and young brains ,blend with high qualifications(M .Sc. MBA , MBBS, etc ) too. WE ENDEAVOUR-To encourage & carve the natural talent of students.To inculcate Values in the students as helping attitude , humbleness & fearlessness in students.To make students conscious about their duties & responsibilities.To establish strong sense of belonging in spite of just mugging up all the concepts.

-----Approx 20 Selection s in IITs AND 50 Selections in NITs

-----Approx 10 Selections in MBBS

-----Approx 200 Selections in State Government and Renowned Engineering Colleges

Praxis Educational Trust--Giving back to Community --Blanket Distribution--Flood Relief Camps. Educational Awareness campaign. among poor .Sponsoring approx 50 students for our residential educational program belong to BPL families.