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About Kebulun Alliance Sustainable Living Hemp Association co

KASLHA is an association of several tribes, uniting with the purpose of building self sustainable villages, starting in the state of Indiana.

In Indiana, there are several low-income neighborhoods that are subjected to hazardous waste and other conditions. Areas, specifically brownfields, have been left untouched and unsafe. The people are not in control of how they live. KASLHA's blueprint of industrializing hemp gives an endless amount of possibilities to rectifying those issues. Industrial hemp has many benefits for the environment. It can remove toxins from within the soil adding value to the land. It provides better air quality in the atmosphere. It can help change climate conditions by reducing emissions by eliminating coil, fossil fuel, and natural gases. After the development of the hemp crops, the production phase starts. Some of the things that can be produced are materials and fabrics, oils, gasoline, medicines, foods, paper, toiletries, and building materials comparable to cement to name a few. Through the manufacturing and marketing of such items, it is easy to see how industrial hemp introduces self-sustainability and jobs for the people. KASLHA envisions a green economy for each of its villages gaining economic freedom, privacy, and empowering all involved to live better. for more information go to

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