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Plogging in Taiwan

China Taipei
Number of people taking this action: 50-250
There’s a new fitness trend that’s making its way around the country, and it’s really a must-know. It’s called “plogging,” it originated in Sweden, and it’s actually really easy to do. It’s not a crazy combination of exercises that are impossible to do. According to Cosmopolitan, plogging is a Scandinavian workout trend that pretty much involves picking up trash while jogging. In Swedish, “plocka upp” translates to picking up, so you combine that with “jogging” and you get “plogging.” Simple enough. The best part of all, it benefits both you and the environment. This is why we are planning to broadcast this trend and invite our colleagues, students to join.    Taipei is a city which has over 4 rivers surrounded and frequently rain. It is not hard for us to imagine that how many garbage and waste will be flushed into the river in the rain. With this kind of background, cleaning up our city become more and more important and urgent as well. As an enterprise which has a strong commitment on social responsibility,  we found out that plogging will be a really nice trend for us follow and make more and more citizens in Taipei aware about how serious is the trash pollution problem. By doing this, we expect Taipei can gradually become a city which has a high awareness of SDGs and garbage pollution. We believe that this action will drive this city’s attraction, not to mention Taipei is a city that has so many joggers.  Facebook Fan Page:
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LITE-ON Innovation Award

China Taipei
Number of people taking this action: 250 or more
2018 LITE-ON Innovation Award Innovation is a state of mind. It exists in all field and professions. The 18th LITE-ON Award is looking for great ideas related to optoelectronic, eco-friendly and intelligent technologies! We invite you to make our planet a better place and strive for the SDGs, 2030 Agenda by unleashing your creativity. This year, LITE-ON invite heavy-weight international corporations Merck and Infineon to join with us to encourage great ideas in fields of Digital Health and Smart Building. Dual-Category Winner with Chance to Take Home $800,000 NT Dollar Prize Award! The 2018 LITE-ON Award sets two competitive categories, "Design Innovation" and "Technology Innovation," providing a platform to shine for creative minds specializing in either design or technology with their team. Both the "Design Innovation" and "Technology Innovation" categories will award the 3 top teams with gold, silver and bronze prizes respectively. To encourage innovators to brainstorm ideas that bridge the fields of design and technology, entrants will be allowed to enter both categories as long as its concept is in accordance with the selection standards. This is a great opportunity for one dual-category winner to showcase his or her ideas about how can we make our surroundings a better place.  The LITE-ON Award is open to participants of all fields and ages, including students, young designers, and anyone interested in using creative and innovative designs to advance the cause of environmental sustainability. The two categories for the LITE-ON Award are open to innovative applications in the following fields: Mobile devices, camera module, power systems, storage devices, core mechanics, networking devices, optoelectronics, automobile electronics, cloud computing, industrial automation, sensors, smart cars, smart healthcare, and smart building. Whether your idea is an end-product, or related to manufacturing process, or material that demonstrates technological creativity and advances environmental sustainability, or applications for smart life and the Internet of Things (IoT) such as smart homes, smart automobile electronics, future cars, smart city and etc., are all welcome to take part in!   Working with the Ministry of Science and Technology's FITI Program to Create Startup Potential To encourage the development of ideas with commercialization and real startup potential, the LITE-ON Award will work with the Ministry of Science and Technology's FITI Program; in addition to providing the 3 top teams a chance to join the final selection for a million NTD startup capital award, the selected finalists will also be offered relevant startup and presentation courses to help teams present their creativity, and strengthen their understanding of product commercialization before the final competition. The jury of the LITE-ON Award will include experts in industry and academia, as well as startup venture capitalists, thus incorporating comprehensive and diversified views throughout the selection process for the prize winners.   Join Hands with Merck and Infineon to Host Special Award LITE-ON continues expanding and promoting the field of innovative design. This year, LITE-ON works with the global-leading enterprise Merck and Infineon to hand out 9 special prize awards. Merck encourage contestants to think about how to optimize the design of electronic medical devices to enhance patient's user experience and maximize the data collection and utilization process. Another approach is to think about how to deliver health knowledge via digital channels so that (potential) patients with specific diseases receive the correct information in a timely manner and increase chances of being treated properly. Infineon looks for creative/innovate proposal of “energy saving, high efficiency, automation (Robotics), sensors, wireless and power applications”, as the theme of “Smart Building” for technology and creative applications. The jury will consist of members of both partners and high-level management from LITE-ON business units, to select the team with the most advanced technology, products or innovative ideas.
9 Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Plastic waste decrease serial lecture

China Taipei
Number of people taking this action: 1-20
Plastic waste is fast becoming a widely recognized global issue. While it is an important material for our economy, providing multiple benefits to modern day living, plastic can take thousands of years to biodegrade. It takes up valuable space in landfill sites and is polluting the natural environment, having a significant impact on our coastlines and oceans. Being as a global leader in IT and LED industry, there are no reasons that can stop LITE-ON from innovating any creative and sustainable way to show our leadership in this field. ​Our expectation of this lecture is that we can create a chance to raise our colleague's awareness on SDGs and think about what can we contribute to the plastic pollution problem through our daily operation. Based on this goal setting, we invite two speakers to share about the hard works they have achieved to inspire the audience to take actions and deliver the message of "You can never have an impact on society if you have not changed yourself". Each mindset can act someone totally different from others, which we believe that every small action we take in LITE-ON can contribute the world tremendously. Therefore, we start to think about how can we change people's mindset on global warming, anthropogenic pollution, cooperate responsibility, and specially Sustainable Development Goals. We truly believe that awareness of an issue can drive someone to take a positive action and create the impact that we expect and the world's need.  ​
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Founded in 1975, LITE-ON embraces being “Best Partner in Opto-Electronic, Eco-Friendly and Intelligent Technologies” as its vision to focus on the development of optoelectronics and key electronic components, and strives to build up competitive edge through resource integration and optimized management. LITE-ON produces products that are used in a broad range of applications, such as computers, communications, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, LED lighting, cloud computing, industrial automation as well as biotech and healthcare. LITE-ON is a worldwide leading provider of optoelectronics, information technology, storage devices, and mobile devices components.

For more than 40 years, LITE-ON has concentrated on establishing a competitive advantage in mass production. Through resource integration and management, we maximize the returns from a diverse product portfolio to realize excellent revenue growth and profits. In 2014, LITE-ON successfully completed its "One LITE-ON" program by integrating nine of its main subsidiaries under one management, while the main business strategy remains focusing on improving resource utilization, automation, production optimization, and streamlined processes for better productivity and efficiency. In the long-term, the focus is on profitability, sound governance and improving shareholder returns to lay down the foundation for a sustainable century enterprise.

In recent years, LITE-ON has been shifting its production focus from IT and communication towards IoT (Internet of Things) applications such as cloud computing, LED lighting, automotive, biotech, and industrial automation. The global technology industry is now set to welcome a new wave of changes, LITE-ON aims to leverage its existing advantage as a world-class enterprise in this age of changes and challenges to become the partner of choice for global customers developing innovations and applications for photonics, energy-saving, and smart technologies.


The vision of LITE-ON Technology is being the “Best Partner in Opto-Electronic, Eco-Friendly and Intelligent Technologies,” a company of world-class excellence in terms of business scale, products, corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility. For business scale, the company's goal is to surpass an annual turnover of USD 10B and to elevate its profitability to the top of the industry. For its major products, LITE-ON aims to lead the industry and become the absolute No. 1 worldwide. With regards to corporate governance, LITE-ON pursues transparency, independence, and fairness. While we look for opportunities to generate revenue and profits, we realize the importance of corporate social responsibility and strive to be a good global corporate citizen, to manufacture green products, and to give back to society.


LITE-ON's mission is to implement an operational excellence centered upon profitability, sound governance, and improvement of shareholder returns, thereby demonstrating its determination and strength in achieving consistent profit growth.


Customer Satisfaction, Excellence in Execution, Innovation, and Integrity are the guiding principles, commitments, and beliefs of LITE-ON Technology. These values are applied throughout the company's daily business operations and management.

• Customer Satisfaction

As the best partners for our customers, we attentively listen to their needs, mastering market trends and using our strong expertise to fulfill their goals.

• Excellence in Execution

With outstanding execution, we dedicate ourselves to fulfilling our commitments to customers, while creating innovative competitive advantages.

• Innovation

With open minds and innovative technology, we are at the forefront of the mass production of next-gen technology.

• Integrity

We emphasize integrity, transparency, and doing the right thing to earn the respect of our employees and the trust of our customers and stakeholders to ensure solid and sustainable business operations.
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